Thursday, 1 February 2007

Why did you return to India?

My friend GVK has finished his response in B2B with K : My indebtedness, to Satish, Subash with several intriguing questions unanswered. GVK what did you think of the 60s renaissance? Did you feel a part of it? Did it excite you? Did you sense a new cultural and political paradigm shift in the mid sixties England?

The second question is why did you leave England and return to India when virtually tens and thousands were even risking their lives to come and live in England?

Finally, I had completely forgotten that you returned to India overland in a 12 seater minibus – a daring thing to do, considering you were walking on the wild side in Afghanistan where the warlords habitually kidnapped European travellers and kept them as slaves. Tell us more: You have enough material for several long blogs to explain.

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