Saturday, 20 January 2007

G.V.Krishnan, my gifted friend & his blogsite

What better way to spend your retirement than write your own blog from your own blogsite? My old friend GVKrishnan, now settled in Mysore does it with a difference at his blogsite - I am envious of his prolific output and his engaging no-nonsense outspoken analysis of socio-political issues in India. There is a real treasure trove of his work on his blogsite since his retirement as the Chief Correspondent of Times of India in Chennai. GVK certainly does not suffer from proverbial writers block.

My generous and gifted friend and I go back a long way when we co-edited a fortnightly magazine called Afro Asian Echo in London in 1966. The magazine was founded on uncertain financial promises and promptly folded after six months. We proudly commissioned now celebrated writers like Adil Jussawalla, the poet, and Farukh Dhondy, the media guru, to write for us. Celebrated photographer Fershed Bharucha did the photo shoots for us and Mala Sen, known now for her book on the Bandit Queen posed for a cover picture for our aspiring magazine. I still have numerous copies of this journal and often indulge in a bit of nostalgia turning over the pages.

I last met up with GVK in Chennai in 1996 and we adjourned from his office to a fellow journalist in the Statesman. This generous friend promptly produced a bottle of good whiskey and conversation flowed.

I hope his blogs which often amount to a full blown piece fit for an op-ed place in any major English Language daily would get the widest audience it richly deserves. He has also written for – a quality online magazine. See:

GVK’s output is also available to read from an excellent India Blogsites aggregator like

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narendra shenoy said...

You write beautifully, Mr. Kini. I believe that good journalists, like good doctors, should never retire. Because age while it might dull the senses, sharpens wisdom, doesn't it?