Monday, 8 October 2007

Cheryl Braganza - My Gifted Friend

I have been blogging about mid 1960s when I arrived in England after an arduous sometimes frightening hitch-hiking journey by road from India. One of the friendships of that era I remember and cherish was with the gifted poet and painter Cheryl Braganza at Onslow Gardens in South Kensington. I remember her as a petite and beautiful young lady with an exotic background. Born and brought up in Lahore in pre-independence India, her family owned a hotel opposite the railway station, appropriately called the Braganza Hotel. Cheryl studied in Rome, music in London and went on to Canada where she made a name for herself as a painter, motivated during her days in London after she met Francis Newton Souza, our recently-deceased Indian icon. We used to sit for hours in the local eatery serving fish fingers and tea and talked about writers we liked or hated. Cheryl reminds me that I introduced her to Sylvia Plath’s poetry and she commemorated that with a painting entitled 'Sylvia's Tulips' done in 1996. Here is a link to some of her paintings

and a further link to the McGill University International Women’s Day Newsletter where two of her more recent paintings are shown:

I would very much like to showcase some of her fine poems at my website at:

If she permits me I would like her to write about her recent brave struggle with serious illness and how she has overcome it with a fighter’s positive attitude.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Remembering Anil Saari

My dear friend Anil Saari Arora, an eminent Cine-theorist, cine-critic in India
died after a 6 month of unbearable suffering with stomach cancer in October 2005. He and I kept up a correspondence using e-mail and he presented me with his latest output of poetry which was prolific and ranged from trite to sublime Here is the obituary & an appreciation which I wrote about him, and was printed in the memorial volume published for an exhibition of paintings held in memory of him by his close artist friends in New Delhi. I was too ill myself in a coastal town in England and could not attend. Here is my assessment of Anil Saari’s life and work.
Also remember to read some of his fine cine criticisms at Crimson Feet website: